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First of all, quality

Venma is a firm providing manufacturing services to the industry in the field of heating technology. It was founded in 2014 and has been manufacturing pellet burners since its inception. It began its existence as a small, home-based, one-man operation producing one type of burner. It now manufactures over a dozen models of various powers and sizes with the ability to customise to individual customer needs.

In 2016, the firm’s headquarters were relocated to its own plant located in south-eastern Poland in close proximity to the Special Economic Zone in Pustków, where it has its own production and office facility. In July 2018. another expansion of the plant was launched. The new investment means not only better working conditions but also an increase in employment.

At present, it employs a dozen or so specialists forming a project and research team, which is a huge asset of the company in which the division of responsibilities is connected with a skilful use of their individual features. The ability to manage time, observe deadlines and set priorities are the foundations of the company. The entire staff is a well-organised team, thanks to which it has been possible to achieve so much.

Among its customers, Venma has production groups, small and medium-sized enterprises and individual customers. It cooperates with the best manufacturers in the heating industry. The sales are focused not only on the domestic market but also on foreign markets. In order to meet the customers’ needs, Venma has added to its offer the sale of central heating products, technical consultancy, group and individual trainings as well as warranty and post-warranty service.

Venma brand mission and vision

We provide innovative heating technology solutions that give you a competitive edge.


By combining commitment and experience, we aim to become a leader on the domestic and European markets. We continuously invest in knowledge and development. We strive for business perfection, thus increasing the potential and value of the company. We promote development and application of modern, energy-saving solutions. All VENMA employees have clearly defined goals and responsibilities.
We foster a culture of innovation, creativity and growth.

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Pustków 385b
39-205 Pustków, Poland
Tel: +48 14 658 42 00

tel. +48 14 658 42 02

Venma Poland Representative
Janusz Marusiak
tel: +48 608 094 185

Venma Europe Representative
Krzysztof Szymaszek
tel: +48 662 933 989

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