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Introducing Venma products

  • COMFORT series

    COMFORT burners are modern devices equipped with a mechanism that cleans the burner from ash.

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  • COMFORT S series

    The latest edition of VENMA devices. Modern design and technology of rotating combustion chamber are the main features of burners in this series.

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  • COMFORT R series

    Burners with capacities from 46kW. Modular construction and an innovative stepped-bar grate make it easy to operate the equipment.

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  • Ignis Series

    The oldest burner family in the VENMA range. Simple construction combined with clever solutions make the burner reliable even when burning demanding fuel.

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  • Storage tanks

    The hoppers are made of galvanised steel and are load tested. The hopper is movable in two planes, which makes it possible to adjust it to any boiler room.

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  • Parts and accessories

    Controllers, temperature regulators, feeders - here you will find everything you need for the proper functioning of our burners, turning their operation almost maintenance-free.

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Quality assurance



The highest quality confirmed by the satisfaction of several thousand users.



Warranty of up to 36 months on all our equipment.



Immediate response and fast repair will ensure that you do not experience boiler downtime.



Heating with pellets is significantly cheaper compared to other fuels.

High quality

How our products are made

What is "Clean air" programme?

Clean air government program 2.0.

The Clean Air 2.0 programme aims to improve air quality and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by replacing heat sources and improving energy efficiency.

The programme is targeted at owners of single-family buildings or dwellings.

Czyste Powietrze envisages co-financing the replacement of old furnaces and boilers with new, ecological equipment and financial support for thermomodernisation of buildings.

The programme was launched in 2018 and is planned to last until 2029 with a budget of PLN 103 billion.


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17-08-2021 | Tuesday | 10:13

Burners up to 1 MW!

Thanks to the dynamic development of the company and the experience we have gained, we have extended our offer to include high-power burners. Due to the increasing popularity of biomass combustion in the form of pellets, the demand for burners with a capacity of up to 1 MW has increased significantly.

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palnik na pellet 17-08-2021 | Tuesday | 10:12

Pellets – the ideal biofuel?

Global warming, conflicts in the Middle East, and the resulting rising prices of oil, coal and gas, mean that we are increasingly looking for alternatives to existing methods of heating buildings. Fortunately, the availability of environmentally friendly materials is increasing and their prices are definitely more attractive.

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