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Alarm/notification content Possible causes
The burner did not ignite and the display
“Failed to Fire Up” error
  • No fuel in the hopper – top up fuel and fill the feeder pipe in manual operation,
  • Check the operation of the igniter in manual operation. If the igniter fails, contact the Service Department,
  • Check the burner grate for ash contamination. If necessary, clean the grate manually and increase the frequency of
    cleaning in the installer menu,
  • In manual operation, check the operation of the external feeder. If the feeder is working but not delivering the desired amount of fuel,
    Clean the hopper chute and the feeder pipe,
  • SCheck that the end of the igniter, known as the window, is visible. Using low-quality pellets may cause the igniter to stick,
  • Clean the photocell (gently with a dry cloth)
Controller displays alarm
“Feeder temperature too high”
  • Check that the flue pipe and chimney inlet pipe are clear,
  • Thoroughly check the chambers, heat exchanger and boiler flue – accumulation of ash and soot may cause disruption of the chimney draught,
  • Check that no excessive ash has accumulated on the burner grate.
    If necessary, remove it manually and increase the frequency of grate cleaning,
The blower and external feeder do not work,
  • It is likely that the bimetallic thermistor has tripped. Wait approximately 60 minutes, if the fault persists contact the service department,
Burner does not ignite despite demand for DHW or request from room controller
  • The Weekly Control function is active,
  • The burner was extinguished manually by the user,
The CH pump does not switch on even though the switch-on temperature has been reached
  • Controller operates in Summer Mode – change the Operating Mode to Parallel Pumps or Home Heating
  • Maid function CH pump is active,
  • Boiler weekly option is included
The DHW pump does not switch on despite reaching the activation temperature
  • The controller is in Home Heating mode – change the operation mode to Parallel Pumps or Boiler Priority,
  • The current DHW temperature is higher than the boiler temperature,
  • The DHW Work Plan is attached,
The controller does not work at all
  • Replace the fuse, which is located in the actuating module (white box from which all cables come out)
Burner smokes a lot, soot is formed on the boiler. Too little oxygen or too much fuel:

  • reduce the dose or increase the amount of oxygen
  • check that the holes in the grate and fire plate are clear; if not, use a wire with a diameter of <4 mm to block the holes
A large amount of slag is produced. Low quality fuel:

  • it is recommended to change to a suitable fuel
Burnt-out heater. A burnt-out heater does not necessarily mean that you are doomed to a cold home.
The following instructions will explain how to light the burner despite damage to this important component. This process will not require special skills, just a little skill and patience.
After the burner has been identified as burnt out, press the “Fire-Up” button and observe the stage of burner operation. This process starts with blow-off, which lasts, depending on the settings, about 60 seconds, followed by initial feeding, i.e. the external and internal feeders are activated in parallel, but the internal one operates for a few seconds longer. When observing the burner operation, remember not to open the boiler door. After pre-filling, the igniter switch-on icon will appear, at which point you should place kindling, such as barbecue firelighters, on top of the pellets. The burner should switch into operation mode. Remember that the burner will extinguish after reaching the set parameters, so it is recommended to change the settings so that it continues to operate until the igniter is replaced.

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