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Comfort Series

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Comfort series burners are our flag product, available in the power range of 3-35kW. The simple and modular design means that the burner not only causes great customer satisfaction, but also favours the installers who frequently carry out maintenance work.

Undoubtedly, the biggest advantage of the burner is the linear actuator mechanism, which cleans the furnace from the resulting slag and ash.

Comfort series burners are devices based on the operation of a moving grate. It is a proven and reliable system for cleaning the burner from slag or ash generated in the pellet combustion process. We have been using the moving grate system since the beginning of our activity with automatic burners.

Thanks to the use of a ceramic igniter, the fire is ignited very quickly, which translates into lower electricity consumption.


  • High combustion efficiency – up to 95%
  • Patented hearth oxygenation system,
  • Reduced possibility of burner overheating,
  • Cleaning the furnace during burner operation,
  • Liquid dosing of fuel-oxygen,
  • Automatic start after power failure.


  • Ignition, maintenance, extinguishing and cleaning – fully automatic operation,
  • Made from top grade heat resistant steel,
  • Reliable components for long-lasting operation,
  • Reduced possibility of flashback,
  • Burner protection by flame and temperature sensors,
  • Positive pressure combustion system,
  • Application of the fire damper.


  • Rapid firing system,
  • Energy-efficient components,
  • Very easy to install,
  • All components interchangeable.


  • Venma Comfort burner,
  • Venma ST-976 controller,
  • 2 m long galvanised feeder,
  • Hopper with fire damper,
  • 1 m hopper pipe,
  • Ceramic seal,
  • Mountain flange (optional),
  • Ceramic insert (optional extra).


  • ST-976 (in console)


  • Mounting flange,
  • Ceramic insert,
  • Room controller,
  • Feeder extension up to 10 m.

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