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Venma pellet burners

Comfort series

COMFORT burners are modern devices equipped with a mechanism that removes ash from the burner. They are available in the power range of 10 – 35 kW.

Comfort T series

Comfort T is a combination of simplicity, functionality and durability. The cast head together with the grate extends its life.

Comfort S series

The modern design and technology of the rotary combustion chamber are the main features of the burners of this series.

Comfort R series

Burners with capacities from 46kW. Modular construction and an innovative stepped-bar grate make it easy to operate the equipment.

Ignis series

The oldest burner family in the VENMA range. Simple construction combined with clever solutions make the burner reliable even when burning demanding fuel.

For request

We are able to produce burners tailored to your needs – adapted to the opening in the boiler. Feel free to contact us.

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