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Comfort S series burners are modern and advanced devices for burning biomass in the form of wood pellets.

These burners have a rotary combustion chamber, changing its position during operation of the burner cleans the furnace from slag and ash formed as a result of fuel combustion.

Ignition consists in charging the initial dose and lighting the fire by heating the fuel to the ignition temperature using an igniter placed in the burner. Burning and extinguishing controlled by the controller.

The burner is cleaned by cyclical rotation of the combustion chamber.


  • Swivel head,
  • High combustion efficiency – up to 95%,
  • Patented hearth oxygenation system,
  • Reduced possibility of burner overheating,
  • Cleaning the furnace during burner operation,
  • Smooth fuel-oxygen dosing,
  • Automatic start after power failure.


  • Ignition, maintenance, extinguishing and cleaning – fully automatic operation,
  • Made from top grade heat resistant steel,
  • Robust components for long-lasting operation,
  • Reduced possibility of flashback,
  • Burner protection by flame and temperature sensors,
  • Positive pressure combustion system.


  • Rapid firing system,
  • Energy-efficient components,
  • Very easy to install,
  • All components interchangeable.


  • Palnik Venma Comfort S,
  • Sterownik Venma ST-976 G,
  • Podajnik galwanizowany o długości 2 m,
  • Rura zsypowa 1 m,
  • Uszczelka ceramiczna,
  • Flansza montażowa (opcja dodatkowa).

controller you may choose

  • ST-976G + Wyświetlacz Graficzny COG,
  • ST-976G + Panel Dotykowy K01,
  • ST-976G + Panel Dotykowy Premium S01.

additional options

  • Room controller,
  • Mounting flange,
  • Feeder extension up to 10 m.

See how our pellet burner work

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